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Podcasts : 30 Dec 2010

by on Dec.30, 2010, under Podcasts

It’s nearly here! 2011 is just one day away!
Today Tommy T has  another show to bathe you in a splendid mix of all sub-genres that are industrial. Enjoy!

Cybrage Radio 19 Dec 2010 show

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Podcasts : 28 Dec 2010

by on Dec.28, 2010, under Podcasts

Coming up quickly to the end of 2010, DJ Hangedman posted the last 2 podcasts of Danse Ex Machina. Episode 100 is a special show as it was recorded on Christmas eve.

Danse Ex Machina #99

Danse Ex Machina #100

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Podcasts: 27 Dec 2010

by on Dec.27, 2010, under Podcasts

The podcasts just keep on coming this holiday season! I love it!

DJ Todd’s compiled his “Best of 2010” show, Connexion Bizzare has got another treat for us with Kate’s Sonic stew, as well as Connexion Bizzare 2010 staff picks, which is quite interesting, and if you have any ounce of interest in electronic music (which I suspect you do) you’ve got to check that out that list.
Edwin brings back some nostalgic moments (at least the intro to his show) as I can totally relate, and showers us with some hard beats for an hour.
Last but no least, DJ Chuck_G has episode 44 of The Invasion up as a podcast for the rest of us that didn’t catch the live stream/performance.

Real Synthetic Audio : 27 Dec 2010 show

Connexion Bizzare : Kate’s sonic stew

Connexion Bizzare : 2010 Staff picks

ISN Radio Episode 167

The Invasion Episode 44

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Podcasts : 26 Dec 2010

by on Dec.26, 2010, under Podcasts

Today we ave a brand new show from Connexion Bizzare adding another part to the Countdown to Christmas show they started a few weeks ago, and Edwin has given us another episode of ISN Radio.

Thanks guys. I can enjoy some great tunes on Boxing day!

Connexion Bizarre : Countdown to Christmas 2010 (part 3)  Party & Free (As In Beer)

ISN Radio Episode 166

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Podcasts : 24 Dec 2010

by on Dec.24, 2010, under Podcasts

This week is turning out to be full of podcasts. Everyone’s in the holiday spirit of giving us plenty of great music to listen to.

Today Dark Horizons has a show (listen to find out what this week’s silly question is), another of Tommy T’s 5 hour epic shows is up and DJ Moose has curated a nice selection of Christmas (and/or winter) themed music for us.

Cheers guys, and Happy Holidays to you all!

Dark Horizons Radio : Show 122310

Cybrage Radio 12 Dec 2010 show

The DJ Moose Show – Episode 51

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Podcasts : 23 Dec 2010

by on Dec.23, 2010, under Podcasts

ISN Radio is doing another show this week. Edwin seems to be doing an episode of ISN radio a day. Enjoy the music!

ISN Radio Episode 165

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Podcasts : 22 Dec 2010

by on Dec.22, 2010, under Podcasts

Another day, another 3 shows. DJ Todd is supplying another helping of RSA, Edwin of ISN is packing a second fantastic show for this week, and we have a new podcast that I’ll be tracking, called Normality hosted by Frida Fondle and Vin K-otic out of LA. Haven’t been able to give the show a proper listen since they have used up their bandwidth for this month, but January is only a few days away, so give it a listen in the new year.

Real Synthetic Audio : 20 Dec 2010 show

ISN Radio Episode 164

Normality Podcast

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Podcasts : 21 Dec 2010

by on Dec.21, 2010, under Podcasts

More podcast releases last night bringing you over 3 hours of dangerously loud and stomping tracks by three great DJs.
Edwin’s show (ISN Radio) is nothing but pure candy to the ears, DJ Chuck_G (The Invasion) lays down the the law with a tonne of great tracks, and DJ Clusterfrog (Connextio Bizzare) brings us a show entirely from one record label. Enjoy the music of Bitcrusher Records!

ISN Radio Episode 163 (20 Dec 2010)

The Invasion Episode 43

Connexion Bizzare : DJ Clusterfrog – Best of Bitcrusher

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