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Podcasts : 17 June 2011

by on Jun.17, 2011, under Podcasts

Ahhh… Friday at last. There’s enough music in these three podcasts to last you for almost 9 hours, which should get you through the weekend.

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Podcasts : 24 May 2011

by on May.24, 2011, under Podcasts

Decoded Feedback

Three fantastic podcasts for your listening pleasure. Get them while they’re hot!

  • Chaos Sedated @ Connexion Bizarre (May 2011)
    Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier [exclusive] Control – Envy [Deadly Sins – Misanthrope Studio] Negru Voda – Dark Territory [Våld De Luxe – Dark Territory – Malignant Records]
  • RSA 05/23/2011
    This weeks show is brought to us by the random shuffle feature of my iPhone. I have a huge cluttered play list of random tracks that I really like, and I decided I would let iOS choose the tracks, but
  • :Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 18
    Episode 18 contains a metric shit-ton of new music. At least 4 of the tracks on this episode
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Podcasts : 10 May 2011

by on May.10, 2011, under Podcasts

DJ Hangedman

6 new podcasts today. There’s so much great music packed in these podcasts with a wide range of sub-genres: not to be missed out on.

  • :Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode Sixteen
    Slightly drunk and/or hungover, Christina (the lush) and Tiffany (the slightly sober) are back for another Oontzcast.     Playing some kick ass tracks including one of the new SKOLD and H.EXE they also preview Tiffany’s interview with Aesth
  • Connexion Bizarre : For Several Perilous Seconds The Dream Bled Into The Waking World
    Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast Identifier [exclusive] Aphex Twin – On [On – Warp Records] Amon Tobin – Technique [Technique –] Dane Troyer – Microbe [Unreleased – Unsigned] Holger Zilske – Work [Ho
  • ISN Radio : Episode 183 – May 9, 2011
    Features songs by Electric Breathing, Massiv in Mensch, Diversant:13, Wynardtage, Schallfaktor, Souless Affection, Void Kampf, Clan of Xymox, Ade Fenton, and Synthetic Division.
  • Re:automation Podcast 376
    episode 376
  • ReGen Radio Podcast : Podcast for May 9, 2011
    Episode #297 features songs by Twinkle, Daft Punk,  Imminent, Prometheus Burning, Ivardensphere, Abs6, Lucidstatic, Iszoloscope, Distraub, Stochastic Theory, Tzolkin, Freeze Etch. I will be taking a…[ This is a teaser only. Visit my website for
  • RSA 05/09/2011
    We’re back, and now that I have so much free time on my hands, there really isn’t any excuse for me getting shows done late for the next little while. So look at this, monday morning and a brand new RSA for you to chew on while you get your week star
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Podcasts : 9 May 2011

by on May.09, 2011, under Podcasts


Two great podcasts today to kick start your monday morning.

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Podcasts : 6 May 2011

by on May.06, 2011, under Podcasts

A fantastic lineup of music today in four podcasts.

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Podcasts : 5 May 2011

by on May.05, 2011, under Podcasts

Johnny Hollow

Two awesome podcasts for this morning. Both DJ Todd an DJ Moose have put together an incredible set of new music. These two are some of my favorite podcasts.

  • RSA 05/02/2011
    Technically this weeks show is late as well, but I decided that I would leave Chris’ show up for an extra few days just to give everyone a chance to enjoy it. Of course, now that I have this show done
  • DJ Moose’s Roadkill MegaMix – Episode 8 – The Post Election ShowFire
    Still fucked up from yesterday’s election results? Me too. Here is a Roadkill MegaMix to take you on the Election roller coaster again… but this time DJ Moose style!
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Podcasts : 4 May 2011

by on May.04, 2011, under Podcasts

Otto Von Schirach

Another great soundscape brought to you by Connexion Bizarre, and another episode packed full of awesome music brought to you by DJ Chuck_G on The Invasion Podcast. Tommy T has a packed show and DJ Hangedman does a review of Kinetik Festival phase II and III.

  • Driving In The Weird Hours
    Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier [exclusive] Erdem Helvacioglu & Ros Bandt – Falconer’s Knot [Black Falcon – Pozitif] Chrysalide – Not My World [Don’t Be Scared, It&#
  • The Invasion Episode 62
    This week The Invasion progresses forward with another episode of awesome music, with new tracks from KMFDM, 16 Volt, The Dark Clan, and Deviant UK, DJ-Chuck_G puts together another not to be missed s
  • Cyberage Radio 04.24.2011
  • DXM 113 – Kinetik Festival phase II & III
    Razorgrrl and Saucy Miso join me for an in-depth look at bands playing the Kinetik Festival phase 2 & 3, May 20th and 21st, 2011.
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Podcasts : 3 May 2011

by on May.03, 2011, under Podcasts

Aesthetic Perfection

Three podcasts  today. An epic 2.5 hour preview of Kinetik Festival is tackled by Edwin of ISN radio, Dj RazorGrrl bathes us in a killer set of pounding beats and Christina and Tiffany layer on even more amazing tracks.

  • Podcast for May 2, 2011
    ReGen Radio : Episode #296 features songs by Animassacre, God Module, Carphax Files, Chemlab, Cyanotic, Cesium_137, Suicide Commando, Mangadrive, Funker Vogt, Alien Vampires, Klonavenus, Ad Inferna, KMFDM. Time…<
  • ISN Radio : Episode 182 – May 2, 2011
    A preview of the 2011 Kinetik Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Features songs by Iszoloscope, iVardensphere, Funker Vogt, Front Line Assembly, Agonoize, God Module, Phosgore, Modulate, Xotox, VNV
  • :Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode Fifteen
    Episode 15 seems to reflect Tiffany’s sexual frustration; it’s angry and dirty, just th
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